Jewellery care

Most of my rings are built to live life with you-they are designed to be worn. Thats why I have chosen to work with precious metals, harder wearing settings, and hard gemstones (according to the Mohs scale) that’s being said, they are still delicate items that need to be considered mindfully in order to ensure that they last.

When to take it off…

Rock climbing, yoga, heavy lifting, backpacking, cycling-anything that potentially puts excess pressure on the band.

Swimming, surfing - fingers often shrink in water and can lead to rings slipping off, and most chemicals, natural or otherwise, can corrode or distort metal.

Hands-on baking and cooking - no one wants dough or cooking oils under a diamond.

Applying lotions, perfumes, hair product, medication, mineral make-up and sunscreens - these can dull the sparkle of your diamond.

Optionally you can choose to take your ring off for showering.

Taking it off means you will not need to clean it as often.

If ever in doubt, take it off.

It is recommended that you store all your jewellery in a dry safe place in between wears.

This is particularly important for Sterling silver as this is to prevent tarnish and to keep your gemstones shining bright.

Tarnish is a natural process and can be removed very easily. For silver pieces with gemstones I would recommend cleaning regularly. Here are some tips to clean your pieces...

1. With an old toothbrush and washing up liquid. Very gently scrub the item and rinse.

2. With a polishing cloth- this is why I provide a complimentary cleaning cloth with specific pieces. Gently polish away with your cloth and make your piece nice and shiny!