About us

Hey! I’m Elle maker - designer of Mor Studio.

Having grown up in Cornwall, Mor Studio was born from the love of my surroundings and the happy memories I have of days on the beach.Mor meaning “sea” in Cornish. 

It's about creating jewellery from nostalgic moments of days on the beach, soaking in saltwater and strolling along the shore. In these moments you feel connected to life. I wanted to create a ‘keepsake’ to remind you of that feeling, wherever you are.
I’m inspired by the beautiful colours of Cornwall’s coastline whether it be blues, greens or neutral hues. Specializing in Ocean Diamonds and colourful sapphires to capture the beauty of the coast. 
I’m also influenced by the coasts organic shapes, whether it be the playful movement of water or sand patterns at low tide. I’m fascinated by light moving through water and the shapes or effects this creates. 

I am passionate in supporting independent sellers and try to be as environmentally friendly as possible. I chose to work with materials that have longevity and that can be recycled. I hope to create pieces people will cherish for a long time.