About us

Mor studio is about creating jewellery from nostalgic moments of days on the beach, soaking in saltwater and strolling along the shoreline. In these moments you feel connected to life. I wanted to create a ‘keepsake’ to remind you of that feeling, wherever you are.

Creating simple, timeless and elegant pieces that mimic the flow of waves and organic shapes of the shoreline. Specializing in Ocean Diamonds and colourful sapphires to capture the beauty of the coast. 

Mor Studio was born from a love of my
surroundings here on the Cornish coast. Mor meaning “sea” in Cornish. 
I am passionate in supporting independent sellers and try to be as environmentally friendly as possible. I chose to work with materials that have longevity and that can be recycled. I hope to create pieces people will cherish for a long time.